• Healthy Proteins
  • Healthy Fats
  • Only 4 Grams Net Carbs
  • Dairy-Gluten-Peanut Free
  • Plant-Based
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic

      The average diet lacks adequate amounts of healthy protein, healthy fats and is typically too high in unnecessary carbohydrates. This bar is formulated to support the positive changes we all benefit from when we balance the three macronutrients. When we do this properly, our bodies perform better!

      What ingredients are in REACH Bars?

      As we mentioned, it is super important to us to use quality ingredients. We can't expect you to reach for something remarkable and not be remarkable ourselves! Our REACH Bars contain pea protein, almonds/almond butter, chicory root fiber, tapioca fiber, hemp seeds, cacao-cacao butter, cashews and coconut oil. To get better acquainted with each of these integral pieces of our nutrition bars, read below and look out for a new blog post.

      Pea protein:

      • It’s a complete protein containing all essential amino acids

      • Its hypoallergenic (pea protein is a yellow pea)

      • Builds muscle efficiently

      • Supports Heart Health

      • Contains iron, zinc, potassium, B6, and B2

      • Fits all menu plans and lifestyles

      Almonds/almond butter:

      • Good antioxidant, and reduces inflammation

      • Support better brain function

      • Good for heart health

      • Creates satiety

      • Supports good flora in our guts

      Hemp Seeds:

      • Great source of health fats and plant based protein

      • Contains vitamin E, potassium, sodium, magnesium

      • Supports hormone balance

      • Supports healthier skin

      • Helps digestion

      Cacao-cacao butter:

      • Rich in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that support lowering inflammation, better blood flow, and improve body composition.

      • Improve nitric oxide levels in blood

      • Supports better brain function

      • Supports positive mood


      • Support heart health

      • Good source of iron and copper which support good red blood cell health

      • Supports production of melanin, which gives pigment to skin, hair and eyes

      • Supports brain function, and cognition

      Coconut oil:

      • Contains MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which are healthy fats and great source of fat energy and ketone production

      • Supports fat utilization for energy

      • Supports healthy digestion and healthy flora balance

      • Good for skin, hair, and teeth

      • Boost brain function

      Chicory root fiber:

      • Acts as a prebiotic fiber and feeds beneficial bacteria

      • Supports healthy digestion

      • Supports blood sugar control

      Tapioca Fiber:

      • Reduces inflammation

      • Supports gut health