Dr. Kurt Waples

Dr. Kurt Waples started his practice where the focus of absolute peak health is the only and main goal. Health should not be defined as the absence of disease, but the highest level someone can achieve with diet, lifestyle, movement, exercise, mental capacity, spirituality, nutritional and hormonal factors leading to a maximally healthy outcome. 

Bluestone Health Group is what grew out of this passion. Dr. Kurt has spent years learning functional medicine, biochemistry, physiology, movement science, applied kinesiology, exercise physiology and science and has applied them to create his own method of assessing the body. He uses ideals as the standard, which can differ, sometimes greatly, from the standard ‘lab value’ medical numbers the medical field uses. Dr. Kurt ensures every single plan is completely customized and unique for the individual.  

Dr. Kurt has been a pioneer in the lifestyle medicine sphere for many years.  He has developed a proprietary Body Comp Analytics system to help clients reach their absolute peak level of health.  When he isn't working to expand health to the greater NYC area, he educates the public on getting fat back into the diet.  Fat has been forgotten and demonized in todays health climate and has been replaced with other unhealthy foods leading to the epidemic of obesity and terrible health outcomes.  He is very excited to partner with REACH Nutrition Co. to create a viable option for a quality, high fat, low sugar bar that is unrivaled in the market place.  

Dr. Kurt will lead our new product task force.  Stay tuned for other products solely focused on supporting your optimal health.