Eating To Boost Immune Function

There are many ways we can support our Immune System, but there may be no better way to support Immune System resilience than our daily menu plan.  The Immune response is actually an inflammatory response to attack any harmful pathogen, whether it be bacterial, viral, or toxins, that has entered our body.  Our immune system becomes compromised when the inflammatory signals do not turn off and continues a feedback loop to create more inflammation.  This is sometimes referred to as a cytokine storm, and this is dangerous to our health. 

The foods we eat can be highly inflammatory food choices which will support a more elevated inflammatory immune response and a compromised immune system.

In contrary, the foods we eat can support a lower inflammatory response, and support immune function and resilience. 

Healthy fats, like omega 3 fatty acids, support a less inflammatory reaction in our body.  Our immune cells have free fatty acid receptors, and omega 3’s signal these receptors for less inflammation.  Healthy fats also support proliferation of our T-cells, which are vitally important immune cells.

The role of proteins in the body is to build and repair body tissue, and also to fight off viruses and bad bacteria.  Our immune cells rely on protein to function properly and do its job in protecting us from harm. 

Carbohydrates, especially in the way of fruits and vegetables, supply the body with powerful antioxidants, which neutralize the oxidative stress that is created by an immune response.  If we do not have enough antioxidants in our body, the oxidative stress will reinforce the continuous cycle of a high inflammation causing damage to our tissues. 

Excess of added sugars in the diet leads to more inflammation, possibly a poor body composition, and conditions like obesity and Type II Diabetes.  These conditions, and other inflammatory conditions are associated with a compromised immune system. 

Our immune system is quite amazing, and protects us every day without us even realizing it.  Make sure you support it with healthy nutrients, so it can do its job efficiently. 

-Reach Nutrition